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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Seaworthy added to Bandtrax Podcast

Indeed it's happening fast- and Seaworthy is still 3 weeks away from the official release!

Deliver Me and Hours In Reverse (Deja Vu) are on the new edition ("Chicks Rule") of the Bandtrax podcast. Click here to listen (13:32 into the MP3), then leave a comment for Renamarie and Canis Lupus.

Also just added- True on Jamie Whitaker's Somacast #41- from right here on Potrero Hill! It's right at the top of the show- Check it out and let him know you're listening!

Really, feedback to the folks who are playing us on podcasts, internet radio, college radio, in stores, at CD Baby... it all feeds, goes around, creates a buzz and is good for us all- not just the players, but the listeners and music in general as well. The music goes 'round and 'round, and it comes out here...

(PS- our good pals Griddle, who will be playing with us at the Seaworthy Record Release Party at the Red Devil Lounge on November 10th, have just gotten another spin on Ken Clark's Seattle And Beyond #56, which has been so cool to True Margrit.)


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