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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Song deprivation is worse than sleep deprivation

Today I am woozy--why? I dunno, not enough sleep and lots of songs bouncing against my skull in heavy rotation..which is better than the opposite man--who has lotsa sleep and no tunes, right?

After a day o' mixing the tunes, it's time to head off to dinner with Chelsea and Sarah. We are looking for parking on 16th street & suddenly I know: I am ravenous! Praise all chefs, we soon are tucking into imperial rolls and shrimp rolls at Sunflower on Valencia. Sarah gets a beef & noodle dish (yum), Chelsea has curry eggplant (yum yum) and I get the deep fried garlic noodle prawns (yum yum yum). What mystery ingredient is in this food? The dining room takes on a shimmering golden light. I feel faint, I feel good, I feel delirious. We go around the corner to the Roxie Theatre where Chelsea's short film "Numerical Engagements" is being screend in the the 21st Film Arts Festival of Independent Cinema. Her film is hand processed, romantic, off the cuff, clever. The swirling images on the screen are playing games with my food-addled senses and I am a willing participant...

After Chelsea signs autographs, we roll on over to the Lower Haight for a stop at Kenny's birthday party. He is drinking cocktails at Underground SF, and spinning tall-tales about his three-day (and counting) birthday-bender escapades involving breaking & entering in his own apartment, much alcohol, and some irretrievably lost hours due to afore-ingested alcohol.

At the appointed hour, Gary picks me up out in front of the bar and we speed up to KUSF for our radio gig. Dr, Midnight is a fine & cordial host, welcoming us and our songs into his studio. New tunes, Seaworthy tunes, tunes by Griddle, Brian Kenney Fresno, more Seaworthy. The songs keep coming, perhaps as a reflection of what's happening in this particular brain. But hey, there's a song in everything and everything is in song, and in bloom except it's fall-- which I love.


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