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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Food--a love story on the run

As our first tour dates in Washington & Oregon draw near we are looking forward to playing lots of music & meeting lots of people...and to all the FOOD! (in my family when some sibling or parent or aunt or uncle went somewhere exotic the main question was always: "So, what did you have?" meaning: WHAT yummy stuff DID YOU EAT whilst traveling???)

On one of my previous trips to Portland, Oregon, I had a Voodoo Doughnut confection!
(whoa) Be that as it may, the True Margrit tradition I REALLY look forward to is Andrew's bacon fried chicken
(yes--that's fried chicken FRIED IN BACON FAT OH MY GOD)

ALSO! We are playing at not one, but TWO pizza restaurants (COZMIC PIZZA in Eugene, OR on October 22nd & MISSISSIPPI PIZZA PUB in Portland, OR on OCt 30th). I like pizza! Who doesn't? If there are significantly delish eateries in any of the towns/cities we are playing, dear readers, do tell. Peruse OUR TOUR ITINERARY & keep us informed.

ps: As y'all know I was just in the UK & I haven't talked enough about the food there! Britain gets a bad rap on the food front--here's proof that there are delicacies to be had:

These last shots are at Fortnum& Mason--a bit pricey for the average pocket book--but I ate every single free sample they offered--fear not, my friends! xxoo


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