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from the ongoing expeditions of San Francisco Piano Pop trio
True Margrit

Friday, October 16, 2009

Travel Day #1 ( of The Juggler's Progress Tour~)

10 am: More packing of the car.
12:25 pm: travel underway.

We listen to lots of music--the Mono mix of Sgt Pepper ( neat-o!), The Clutter Family's new CD--"It's Not About the Music" ( very funny & good), "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" by Genesis ( LOVE it--haven't heard it in SO long. Peter Gabriel is an international treasure).

Department of New Stuff I Learned from Gary, part one:
The reason Japanese records are more desirable for vinyl collectors: they use "pure" vinyl with less additives which makes the noise floor lower. WOW~ I bet it tastes better too!

Important trivia:
I repeated first grade & then skipped third grade. My first grade teacher was Mrs. Hammer.

MT Shasta snapped from the car!

5:09 pm: The Hi-Lo Cafe in Weed, CA. There be lumberjacks here. We drink some tea.



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