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Friday, October 23, 2009


Hmmmm. The names of the two most recent venues we've played at start with the letters "co" (that is, the COMET TAVERN in Seattle and COZMIC PIZZA in Eugene. If you splice together two "co"s'like so: "COCO" you get the name of a club in San Francisco that no longer exists ( THE COCO CLUB) where Gary & I used to play with former lineups of the True Margrit band and Andrew used to play with other bands--but we didn't know him yet. But then we met him and the rest is herstory.

Anyhoo, we journeyed up to sexy Seattle on Tuesday for the COMET TAVERN gig. We had some scrumptious fish & chips at Pike Street Fish Fry (I hasten to say they were EVERY BIT as good as the fish & chips I enjoyed in England--just saying...hastily)

Well-fed & greasy we go play our gig and have a rip-roaring time at this venerable dive ( with some excellent acts including the transfixing Motopony

and the sultry Alicia Dara)

After the gig we are.... you guessed it HUNGRY! After all it's been 6 hourse since the fish & chips if you can believe it! SO we head to MONSTER DOG--a Seattle street vendor of the highest caliber!

We are filled with meat and thus fortified can make it home for some shuteye.

Our next gig is in Eugene, Or (who BOOKED this tour...oh I did)

We zip down Highway five and in exactly four hours we are at our next venue COZMIC PIZZA

The angelically-voiced HALIE LOREN
opens the night with a lovely performance. We step up to the stage & do a zippy, sweet, poppin, set & then we head off into the night.

ps--Coco was also the name of that really smart chimp who learned sign language and said really touching & clearly sentient sentiments...just saying.


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