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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Inch by Mile

An Apology of Sorts:
Oh dear! How long it's been since my last post! I did not intend to neglect y'all, my sweet readers! I must say I've felt a bit overcome--it's been an eventful summer, filled very nearly to bursting with sorrows, joys, high highs, low low, bitterness, sweetness, the sublime and the pernicious.

To summarize --in words and not just pics:
The east coast acoustic micro-tour (as seen in the photo galleries below) was a whirlwind, jam-packed with friendly faces, strange & wonderful pianos, slices of pizza, many journeys on a veritable array of vehicles-- and the first radio airplay of songs from THE JUGGLER's PROGRESS. And New York. What a town. Friends, I do so LOVE New York & love playing gigs there, eating there, walking there, riding the subway there. Oh yes yes yes. It is the greatest city on earth-- embodying, as it does, that which is essential about our American existence in its utterly diverse bustling great sprawling hulking miles of tenements, suites, lofts, penthouses, museums, galleries, shops, restaurants, bars, venues, parks, boulevards, alleys, squares, collectively singularly wise, innocent, big-hearted individual humans.

Guilty Pleasure Department:
A week after I got back to SF, I happened to be on Market Street and noticed on the marquee of the Warfield that YES would be playing the very next night. I felt an echo of my formerly vehement fandom rush down my spine, but I was feeling a bit strapped for cash , so I pushed the strange yearning out of my mind. But the next evening around 8:30, I suddenly knew I had to go catch my heroes of old doing their thaing--why the hell not?? I jumped on BART, got downtown in 12 minutes flat, bought a ticket on the street (@half price--woowoo), and there I was, ON THE FLOOR! Watching Steve Howe, Alan White, and Chris Squire rock out. Yes! What a splendid contribution they made to the overly maligned field of progressive rock! HELL YES!

Latest Cool Gig Department:
This last weekend I was honored to open the FABULOSA FEST- a women's music festival up in the Northern California redwoods, now in its second year. It's an event to watch--just since the first year (last year) attendance has tripled!! Woo-woo!

Progress Department:
We now have the official "street date" for the actual release of THE JUGGLER's PROGRESS--OCTOBER 20th, 2009! The ALbum Launch Party Show Gala Extravaganza is being planned and we will have very SPECIFIC info in the next few weeks.

In Memorium, Louis Geller
Near the end of my east coast trip, I was strolling in Madison Square Park watching the painters at their flowery easels and the canines in their designated dog runs, when Robert called me with the terrible news that his brother Louis had tragically passed away. Lou was an amazingly brilliant personage--sweet, kind, wise, and hilarious. He will be missed so sorely by all who knew him. He was born in Manhattan and I walked through the afternoon, thinking of him in the city of his birth.

And I thought about my family, all my friends, and you dear readers, and time and space and how inexorably seconds can trip away and become months years and decades and weirdly enough you can get in a plane and fly somewhere remote in a matter of hours and on the map miles are like inches or a house a few blocks away can be leagues and leagues away and even if you have a whole warehouse of gold you can neither collapse nor expand the calendar, and even if you're very sage or you're a creature with a brain the size of a pea you nonetheless have to undertake one moment after the previous moment followed by subsequent moments and in this rhythm some mystery is being explained in a primordial and incessant code to which we all listen in wonder and awe.


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