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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eleven Eleven

Friends, we reached a magic number ( if you are numerologically inclined or if symmetry appeals to you in general). We as of now have 1111 friends on myspace--


I think it's propitious. And not only that, I just glanced up & I see that I am posting this at 11:11----WHAT? That wasn't even on porpoise, my water mammals!

Anyhoo, these all feel like good omens for my trip to LOS ANGELES and the Mountain Stage /Folk Alliance NEW SONG CONTEST ON September 2 at the THE MINT. ooooh I'm so excited....!! Please tell yer friends/ family/ enemies/ lawyers/ publicists/ dog walkers/ and/ or podiatrists!

In other news--I've been recording all kinds of dandy stuff so dandy that I can't say enough about each project in this venue and am reduced to merely listing them. They are: a score for the new documentary Lady Trojans, some new superfancy R&B styliings of Christina Kowalchuk's( that we are finishing before she & her hubby Brian Fahy head off to OXFORD--dang!!!), one badass new song each from Neil Aaron,, and Pam & Jeri ( of Blame Sally), AND! Several gorgeous new tunes of Blame Sally's MONICA PASQUAL for her upcoming solo album. Whoa my head spins.

And not to mention the forthcoming True Margrit CD for which I will be singing some final vocals in September and then.... you know the drill--it goes to eleven, like Nigel Tufnell's amp. Or in our case: eleven eleven.


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