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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Razor's Edge

Well. Dear readers. The band that watches science fiction together...uh... is band o' geeks. Fo sho. Ya see, Gary called me up today & informed me that he reserved us spots at the Battlestar Galactica: RAZOR one night only event showing at the cineplex in San Mateo. ( It can be viewed on Sci Fi Channel on Nov 24--but we got to see it early on a BIG BIG SCREEN!!) So! You may ask, was I excited, was I thrilled, was I gonna go? DUDE! You betcha. Sarah's brother--James, of Baby Boy H-- said it's great, so it must be so! And thus we went.

*** BSG spoiler alert*****
I don't give away much, but some stuff, ok, so I warned you. & For those of you born without the science fiction gene, please turn to page 90.

We zipped down 101 to the big ol' cineplex in SM. Gary tells me as we are getting out of the car that he notified Andrew about the Seattle RAZOR showing--so, we ponder, maybe our drummer is settling into his local cineplex as we speak--two states away, at the same time as us...nice.

And was it worth it? You betcha! The two-hour episode cleverly & suspensefully fills in some gaps in the epic tale that is the Sci Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica. We are flashed back to events on Battlestar Pegasus before during and after the Cylon attack--or "Everything You Wanted to Know about Admiral Helena Cain, But Were Afraid to Ask". This includes the ever-pertinent question: was she gay? This is answered by a kiss--yes! One of the Number Six Cylons gives her a "we-are-more-than-friends" type of smooch, causing quite a stir amongst us fans in the theatre (especially guys and especially me) who all made appreciative gruntly utterances, not easily replicated in this forum. Now, it's a shame the one and only gay character in the entire series is a pathological, megalomanic, tyrannical freakyhead, but what are you gonna do? One day we will have our great gay role model. One day, neighbors, one day. But Tricia Helfer kissing Michelle Forbes, that is in fact, the stuff dreams are made of. Kinda like my fantasy mashup of L-Word's and Battlestar's season finales--almost.

In other news:
We recorded the final three acoustic piano tracks for "The Juggler's Progress" (our new CD which is incubating nicely, and is soon to burst from its conceptual shell). We tracked over at Woody Simmons studio on her Schimmel baby grand, which was a lovely experience. I got to enjoy a fuschia sunset over the Pacific as I played our tune, "Make Them Beg". It was pretty splendid. The other piano tracks, y'all might recall, were done on a Steinway D Homberg at an undislosed locale... hee hee. The stuff is sounding so very rocking good if we say so ourselves. I CAN"T WAIT for y'all to hear it. Am I excited about our new CD? YOU BETCHA! Soon soon soon ...!


I was working with Judea Eden on her CD last night ( I'm producing 3/4 of her album) and while we were bouncing down a track we took a free moment to peruse the Sparrows Point myspace page. Ahhhhh. Memories. Good times, dudes! You betcha.


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