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Friday, October 05, 2007


Well, I finished the "Julie & Julia" book. (see previous post below) It was most edifying, amusing, appetizing, and strangely touching. I was disappointed to learn that Julie Powell never got to meet Julia Child since:
1) Child died in 2003--or 2004, well recently-- and
2 ) Child apparently didn't react so well to Powell's blog. I am conjecturing it was Powell's off color/ salty authorial stylings that put off Child. They were from different worlds/ generations with different aesthetics linguistically speaking--i.e. maybe Child didn't like the heaping teaspoons of cusswords (as we call them in Tennessee) Powell mixed in to her blogprose. We all swear like scurvy-ass sailors these days, so it's moosebuggering hard to shock any but those graduates of the Oldest School. Julia Child was-- in some ways-- Old School with her encyclopedic knowledge of French traditional cookery spilling from her like so many heirloom tomatoes. But she was also Nouvelle School, striving to prove (as seen in "Ratatouille") that anyone can cook.

Meanwhile. I have been watching Julia Child DVDs of her cooking shows from the 1950's. Her humor, though earthy in its way, leans more towards the witty bon mots, wry observations, and linguistic fripperies--for example her narration for her fish episode is delivered mostly in alliteration, featuring her fabulous fund of fancy fish facts using many words starting with the letter f. Hilarious! But Julia is at her most hysterical when it's unintentional. In the "Spinach Twins" episode, she admonishes her viewers to remove excess water from cooked spinach before stuffing it into pastry. She takes the spinach into her prodiguous paws and tells her disciples/ viewers to "squeeeeeeeeze!" it-- and the word "squeeze" starts at one pitch and rises up a few steps and then falls back down to the original tone. & The point is well taken with the added musicality of the emphasis. We won't be caught dead making soggy pastry! And! We might be inclined to sample her saying, "squeeeeeeeeze!", and put the sample into a True Margrit song (barring any cease and desist from the Child estate, of course).

What else?

We watched one of the worst movies ever--"Losing Chase" . Great cast:(Helen Mirren--the QUEEN!--Kyra Sedgwick, Beau Bridges). Horrific script. The best lines were delivered by the precious wee lad playing Helen Mirren's kid. Thus we developed the theory that he actually wrote the screenplay. It would explain a lot.

Meanwhile. I have two new tunes: "SUPERHERO DRUGS" and "ERRORS Of SCALE". I got all the excees water out of them and their pastry is crusty and buttery. Ready to serve and be consumed lustily.


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