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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Uncle Crumb Plumble and other dreams and stories

Readers, summer is flitting along as it does, and we are swiftly nearing the zodiacal sign with which I am associated via birthdate. Yes, you guessed it--LEO!

SO, guess what!? I want you to help me celebrate my birth! Since it's a nice big uneven number (777--for reals! I am well-preserved) I am having a BIG Birthday Bash! And where? When? Well might you ask.

BOTTOM OF THE HILL!!!! THURSDAY, AUGUST 16th, 9 pm sharp, appearing with FAUN FABLES and Girls with Guns!!!! I love it so much. PLease do drop by.

Christina & Brian gave us a gigagallon of plums from their tree. Lotsa plumage...plummage?. So, I made a big ol' dessert with it. I enjoyed squishing the pits out of each plum whilst watching L-Word--very evocative. And then I topped it with oats, walnuts, honey, and sweet cream butter. Then I popped it in the oven and it commenced to telegraph its existence to our nostrils. I told my roommates that the toothsome smell emanating from the oven was plum crumble. David said quizzically, "Crumb plumble?" And we all laughed at his spoonerism. Sarah said, "Crumb plumble, it sounds like something from a fairy tale. The story of Uncle Crumb Plumble."

(It's so true. It is, in fact a sort of fairy-tale--of the distant future. I will put that story in another blog for you to read--or not--for, it is not for the faint of stomach.)

Meanwhile. What strangeness is afoot?

I had a dream in which I was making word-chip cookies-- I suppose, in lieu of chocolate chips. I was concerned that the phrases would get out of order and that concern woke me up--but at least I remembered the dream. Delicious, but hard to form a sentence. And then David dreamt he was being chased by a carnivorous rope. Is Mercury retrograde still? I understand that this retrogradishness of Mercury apparently wreaks havoc of the electronic ilk. And indeed, I was recording Jonny Cretney's guitar part for a song from the new Judea Eden album & the power went out. EEEk. Not nice at all. Help us P G & E --you're our only hope. This is not the fusebox you are looking for, move along.

Hey these phrases sound the same:
Get up high--Get a pie.
Noter republic--notary public
Get a plate--get up late

...and so on.

Furthermore... I heard that Slovenia is one country where Bush is very popular (!!?!?!?!?!???!) So naturally he visited -since we can't bear him here anymore. Apparently, he's the only U.S. prez to go visit there. Fans held up signs begging him to come lead Slovenia. I say: take him!


The first TM tour of the summer: my solo jaunt up the coast appearing with the excellent Christina Kowalchuk, is upon us in a matter of a few days!! Tell your Northern Cal & Humboldt buds...

To view the tour itinerary: TM website! orElectronic Press Kit orour myspace

And I think the Humboldtians will hold up signs that say: "Margrit and Christina! Be our presidents!"...Not really. I was just trying to tie all that up. An Uncle Crumb Plumble to all and to all a good night.