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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tours and Spores Have Allure

Since we are working feverishly on our new CD, we aren't gigging a whole lot (at the momento). That's all about to change as July & August roll around and the touring commences & summer bangs its gleaming gilded gongs glibly in our (and your) gleeful ears. & My birthday is in the summer, so I do like it on principle--although my favorite month is October for some reason. I mean season.

(Please! Sing this to your friends to the tune of "My Favorite Things")
Oh, swimming and grilling and puppy flea collars
We're gigging outdoors with Shakepsearean scholars
And physicists pondering theories of string
In this random list of some summery things.

Umbrellas of velvet & big fields of daisies
Hay-fever sneezes and young Patrick Swayzes
It's difficult looking for one hint of bling
In this tarnished list of some summery things...

When the cat hurls
A big furball
Don't freak out--it's cool
Simply remember all year is like summer
For adults who are no longer in school

Anyhoo. Yodelay hee hoo.

The first week o' July I will be on a solo tour up the coastal regions of Northern California appearing with the lovely & talented Christina Kowalchuk. The dates are posted in multiple places--

or here!
or here?

Then! the FULL band is doing a mini-demitasse tour in August--& that's gonna be the OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY TOUR. Oooooh.

Meanwhile. Sarah & I ate these crumpets that made us fear for our lives (YES, CRUMPETS--they're good when they're good). But these may have been bad. Or spoilt. Or "turned" as they say in Tennessee. They put the bit back in bitter--leaving a weirdly crescendoing sharp bitterness in our respective mouths. Yuck-o. Perhaps it was psychosomatic in nature but we were pretty sure the crumpets had grown some sort of ergot-type mold that was soon to induce hallucinations. But no. The bitterness wore off, like a bad dream about a telemarketer. And all is well.

It's cool.


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