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Monday, April 09, 2007

Case in Point

So, I wrote the previous blog about coincidence/ synchronicity and then the next day Olivia Newton John randomly kept coming up in all these diverse conversations. Evidently the love or distaste for ONJ is a specialized and little known litmus test--if you like her you are on acid, if you don't you are an alkaline battery. I have hated her music many long years-- I am sorry, but she is way too irretrievably flaccid for me! Amanda hates her too. But Sarah, Teresa, and Jodi love her.

The question is, can 40 million Frenchwomen be wrong?


Speaking (as I did in the previous blog) of GRIDDLE, we are playing with them at theUptown Nightclub on Thursday.
Also on the bill are :
Headshear and Blue Mire.

Last Friday's gig at El RIo was a splendid night of rock. Thanks to all who participated. You know who you are.