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Friday, March 30, 2007

Superiority Cineplex

Some movie capsule reviews:

We got to see "The Host" (yay & for free at the spiffy Pixar theatre) which was a vast improvement after the flat dumbness of "300". "The Host" is a Korean sci-fi/ horror flick with an environmental message & it's funny, astonishingly scary, hip, unique,...and! the creature was created by the Orphanage, an outfit here in SF!! Yay!

"Pan's Labyrinth" gives audiences more reasons we don't have to bear a badge of CGI shame. Intense, super sad, with a ridiculously noisome villain.

"The Last Mimzy" a fetching children's sci-fi yarn based on Lewis Padgett's 1943 short story. I LOVE the story which I read years ago. The adaptation is clever as hell, although a LOT less dark than the original tale. In the way "Dreamgirls" introduced the world to the wonders of Jennifer Hudson, "Mimzy" serves the purpose of being a vehicle for an excellent new star actor: Rhiannon Leigh Wryn. Worth seeing--sci-fi that doesn't suck! ahhh.

Speaking of which--the last episode of Battlestar Galactica--whoa!!!!!!!!!! The "Final Five" cylons were revealed... or were they? We will have to wait until next season to know for sure...& The same night the L-Word season finale aired. They should have made some L Word characters turn out to be in the Battlestar Galactica "final five", or for that matter Granny & Ellie May, or Hawkeye & Homer Simpson, or Nate Fisher & Tony Soprano. Or some other more deeply wrong non-television mashup--such as Obi Wab Kenobi and King Lear singing a reggae duet. Or a rock opera about Russell Crowe getting avian flu starring Sheryl Crow, Black Crows. and Counting Crows.

hmmm. more soon.


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