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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Surround Sound

A few days ago I was walking through the Mission passing within a few blocks of some clamorous clanging industrial activities involving gigantic metal obects being banged together rhythmically. It was so loud that the buildings I passed sent back full discrete reflections of the original sound--but, since I was on the move, these relections changed every few feet. Sometimes they would go: "bang!--bang-bang-bang" sometimes "bang-ang!!-a-ba" or "bang-bang", and so forth. All this ocurred in 5.1 surround round my head. FANTASTIC! One wouldn't know what the hell it was if one didn't know that it was what it was, indeed.

But in a good way

Unlike the bad way the Bush administration is making ugly repetitive sounds. You can't make "stay the course" and "surge" sound like well-considered foreign policy by repeating ad nauseum, can you now ? Nauseum being the operative word. I feel queasy when that Mr Prez dude opens his mouth. Echoes are really cool when you're tramping through your neighborhood on a blustery winter day. But when bad bad history gets repeated with only mouldering lies to explain the insanity away...I don't wanna hear that tune.


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