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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Top 11 Lists of best & worst of 2006

Well, y'all. Happy year of newness. Two thousand seven. I love the number 7. Let there be a round of way more fun and peace for all us humans. Here are my lists. Ridicule me. Agree. Whatev. Just don't call me late for dinner.

***Margrit's Very Own Best o' 2006***
11) "An Inconvenient Truth"
Al Gore has a mission. And...uh-oh, we need to listen up.

10) The L Word.
Yes it can be ridiculous with its clunky lapses of taste and unrealisticness, but still. Still. I didn't watch it until 2006, and then Sarah & I watched all three seasons in a few weeks, so it's on my 2006 list and that's that.

9) "Imagine Me & You".
Silly but mysteriously compelling film about two very cute women in love. What's not to like?

8) Nancy Pelosi.
What need I say? Technically, she just started her job of first female Speaker of the House now (at the break of 2007), but we knew about it in 2006. Huzzah.

7) "Little Miss Sunshine".
Oh, so many brilliant scenes. I love it when the cop stops them on the freeway. And the finale at the beauty contest...splendid. Anything with Toni Collette AND Steve Carrel rocks.

This may have been on the list last year. But still. Still. Be still my clogging arteries.

5) Brussel sprouts cooked in olive oil and garlic with pine nuts.
Christina Kowalchuk introduced this delicacy to me, and it's my new obsession. I eat it whenever possible.

4) Dolores Park Cafe.
My goodness, we had a series of great gigs there last year (one in January, one in June, one in July), so it's on the list, yes.

3) Wayne Bledsoe.
Aside from the fact he wrote a supernice review of SEAWORTHY in the Knoxville New Sentinel, he is just a cool guy. On the list with ye, mate.

2) "Elizabeth I" and "The Queen"
Helen Mirren plays bookend monarchs named Elizabeth I & II. To put it most simply, she is a queen to me. Plus she was truly splendid in the final episode of Prime Suspect.

The best science fiction show ever, and perhaps the best show ever made for TV. Subversive, smart, risky, funny, sexy. I cannot wait to see what's next. Watch it.

***Worst of 2006 ***
1)George Bush
The root of much evil these days.Help us, Nancy Wan Pelosi. Are you our only hope?

Anyhoo...Have a great year y'all.

ps--happy birthday JRRT


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