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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

dazed & confused in NYC

For the duration of my recent jetblue flight to NYC I made good use of those little TVs they provide. I watched a tribute to Led Zeppelin during their induction into the UK Rock Hall o' Fame wherein some next generation rock legend ( (post-Zep, I mean, like Slash or Joe Perry) was pointing out how John Paul Jones should never have to work again after creating the bassline for "Dazed and Confused". A compelling argument for resting on magically earned laurels and for the magnitude of Led Zep's magnificence. OH YEAH, and in the same send-up Jack White said he could never trust anyone who doesn't like Zeppelin...indeed, IT'S TRUE. Me? I also do utterly love me some Page/Plant/Jones/ Bonham. I heard the song "Houses of the Holy" tonight whilst waiting to play my set in NYC at the Sidewalk Cafe. DANG! that guitar tone is so nasty and so contained at the same time...and the groove!!! Oh lordy, that groove is basically sex itself--right? OOOh or what about the (slightly!!) lesser known tune "In the Light"--yes!! The production, the riffs, the wacked out inimitable singin/ lyrics. I love it so my readers. I really do.

Well, we didn't smash any hotel rooms or create the riff that launched a thousand hair bands this week--but we were arena rock stars in our own modest small venue busy bee way. We played a smashing show at the Fox and Goose in Sacramento with Champagne, then another in Oakland with Christina Kowalchuk, then another with HEADSHEAR at Hotel Utah, and then with Blue Mire at Blondies, plus three rehearsals--and I had five recording sessions with a variety-pack of artists. And SEAWORTHY got a smashing review in the Knoxville News Sentinel by Wayne Bledsoe!
click and scroll down for the review of Seaworthy

And then Sarah & I flew to NYC (and I watched the UK rock hall of fame induction--and cooking shows, too). As we started our descent into JFK I happened to look out the window at the exact moment to catch a view of all of Manhattan spread out like a perfect little map strung with gold x-mas lights. Oh such a sight, such a city. It's enough to swell the heart's chambers and ventricles. And make you try and sing your very Robert Plant best at your gig. And it may leave you a bit dazed & confused--but in a good way, cuz I feel a bassline coming on.


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