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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The tour's over, but we're still gigging...

San Francisco! Home!

It's nice to be back sleeping in our very own beds, playing gigs in our local & loved venues. The Riptide on May 20: we played with (once again!) Amy Meyers, and Judea Eden--and it was grand to see those two!

As for the Riptide, I highly recommend that warm homey dive. There's parking, a fireplace, you're bound to run into someone you know, and if you get bilious from too much beer you can stroll out on Ocean Beach and clear your head (you don't have to be bilious to do that, that's just a tidy excuse). And, oh! It was gratifying be reunited with all those familiar faces and fog. Ah, home.

On Friday the 26th, I played a few solo tunes at Dolores Park Cafe amongst a host of performers--including but not limited to: Kitty Rose, Shelley Doty, Anafaith, and Carrie Baum. The event was a benefit for expenses associated with a stage for performers at the dyke march on gay pride weekend--apparently the city wants the organizers to provide more porta potties and other health and safety stuff---SAFETY FIRST! And thus! We musicians get a great excuse to come out & play & hang out on a Friday night at the ever lovely Dolores Park Cafe.

We will be back at Dolores Park Cafe a few more times this summer...notably for my birthday show: JULY 28th!! Don't miss it--or I will be cross.

Anyhoo...on Sunday the 28th of May, the full True Margrit band trooped down to Hayward for this year's first installment of Amy Meyers' legendary Yard Concert series. Let me just say, what's not to like? Grilled meats! Cupcakes! Beer...and Rock!! There was music from:Shelley Doty, Pam & Jeri Show, Amy Meyers, The Perps, (and us!). We all rocked and grooved for a happy, responsive, well-fed, sweating audience. A truly good time. It was so fun, I don't mind my one sunburned arm.

It's a badge of honor.


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