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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

where am we and what day are it?

As the tour wears on--we are past the three week mark--we get a bit punchy. Want proof? In Harvard Square in Cambridge I am sure I hear a dude say to his friend:

"...dining on a monstrous phallus.."

But Sarah disagrees, and insists it was actually:

"...munching on a lobster palace..."

But, remember! One hears what one wants...except sometimes...not.

Saturday, May 6, Somerville MA, Abbey Lounge

This wee gig is fun--and a nice way to play our First Official East Coast Show Ever. As we are setting up our gear, we are asked by the bartender not to play our instruments until after the Kentucky Derby. I forget this stipulation a few times and am duly warned

"Shhh. the stakes are high".


After the ponies run, the entire bar is strewn with betting tickets and more beers are poured and imbibed to toast the losers (lets face it--that's most of us, right? Screw the winner--aye!) I do sing a wee tune to the winning horse: Barbaro, who is ripe for a slightly -altered version of Barbara Anne (which I don't know so very well and lamely grind to a halt, but it's the idea that counts in this case).

We have a few stars in the house checking out our set: members of the Boston fave bands Baby Boy H and
The Freeways

Once the show is done, bets are on we will have ice cream tonight.Yum.

Monday, May 8th on the way to gig # 2 at Abbey Lounge
This is the day I have often feared--we are pulled over for running a red light on the way to the gig and may face the mortifying possibillity of both paying for a traffic infraction AND missing our show. None of us see the red light because the Cambridge/ Boston/ Somerville area is a labyrinthine source of utter geographical befuddlement (i. e. we are a bit lost, even though we played the same club two days before--thats how mystifiying the lack of grid-styled streets can be). The kind-hearted, but firm cop tells us we are getting off with a warning this time-- he says: "This is a $100 fine in Massachusetts, but I am not in that kind of a mood tonight. I don't know what you do in California , but we take red lights seriously here. "

Thank you officer! We are sorry--and actually quite serious about red lights!

YIKES! On to the gig. We play after The Freeways, and since their set is a bit shorter than expected, we get to play a few extra tunes. Some new tunes are creeping into the set: 500 Years (about archeologists digging up the ruins of Las Vegas)
and The Juggler's Progress (perhaps it will be re-titled... but it's a new stridey bundle of wry joy earmarked--perhaps--for the next CD...!)

Tuesday, May 9 Hamden CT, THE SPACE

As soon we walk in we know this venue is a real find. Oh yes, indeed it is! Situated as it is in a deceptively dreary Hamden industrial park, The Space is a real oasis of sparkly coloured lights, hilarious decorative parephenalia (with everything from Ms Pacman promotional posters to Tutankhamen helmets). It also sports an excellent PA and sound crew, a million types of tea, an upstairs thrift-store, a no-talking-during-performances-policy, and general good vibes. We enjoy playing, the room is resposively quick in giving back love, and we even get the standing ovation from a dude who (admittedly) gives everyone a standing ovation. We are a featured performer during the open mic and hence get to enjoy some of the local talent, including Uncle Sid Margrit & Gary w/ Unkle Sid (sic)who sings cautionary tales about the carcinogenic dangers of smoking with the backdrop of his wildly cheery Casio-generated backing-tracks. The other featured act is the pop-rootsish outfit Seth Adam Band who kindly wish us safe travels. And off we go.


Blogger The Sunday Morning Hangover said...

I used to live in Hamden--till our house burnt down,,,,

Fri May 12, 10:56:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Gary said...

You probably burnt down your own house just so you wouldn't have to eat at the Akrapolis diner...

Fri May 19, 02:01:00 AM PDT  
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