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Thursday, April 27, 2006

oui, aye, yeah, da, YES YES!

You know, one thing I have learned about being a musician is that you sure hear folks saying no all the time--such as: "No we aren't gonna give you a zillion dollar advance and put out your CD out on BMG RECORDS" or "No you can't headline the Peter Gabriel show" (not that I REALLY made plays for those goals--those are just hyperbolic examples my dears). But sometimes the desirable dates and venues in a given music scene can be so sought-after, that even asking for a gig in a cereal box at the corner-store can be challenging.

Well, in Olympia we have been treated real hospitably --and we are out-of-towners! I called up the YES YES ALLIANCE and we booked the show on the spot and I had-- immediately-- a great feeling about this place.

Yes YEs Home page

We arrive early at the lofty space to set up, and from the moment we walk in, the whole evening reminds me of a show in "The Front Room" at my alma mater (the legendary Laurel High School in Knoxville, Tennessee). The funky, artsy, welcoming, anarchic scene is strangely familiar. I almost expect Reese Ingold to walk in and sit down and play some Mozart on the brutalized upright--or for Amira to sweep in and perform an interpretive dance tying the whole night up in a bow.

I come back from my musings and enjoy a short set by Robbie Francis--one baddass piano-player. Then Son performs, who has to be heard to comprehended, but I will just say that you must hide your trash can lids from him. Margaret Rhodes then treats us to a fulfillingly, melancholy set of guitar/voice angst. We play at this point in the lineup, and dear readers, it is always gratifying to see a room of whirling peeps finding the True Margrit groove danceable--cuz it is, it is! After our set the ever-so catchy, psychedelic quartet Feedbackarach plays a stunning set of their dual vocals/dual guitar tuneful mayhem. A thoroughly satisying musical repast.

...and I say yes yes.


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