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from the ongoing expeditions of San Francisco Piano Pop trio
True Margrit

Monday, April 24, 2006

gelato, arpeggio, and rigatoni

Saturday, April 22, early evening, finds us in the Fremont district of Seattle at a nifty bar called TosT, where we each order a delicious pizza of our very own. And then we rock. We sell some cds after (and during) our set, and meet some cool folk--including the superfriendly drummer Ben Smith. He is playing two doors down at The Hi Dive for their anniversary shindig, and he is in about 300,000 bands (including but not limited to Heart). Celebs at our show! Other celebs at the show: Heather, Jennie and Pete! Yay.

After we play we go get gelato. Yum. The last tour was about the bacon, this time it's ice cream.

Sunday, April 23, 1:45 pm. We are striving to find a gas station in downtown Seattle. We are a bit low on gas and about to be late for our gig at the Lynnwood Borders. Somehow we fill up the tank, book up the 5 and arrive only 15 minutes late. I do a few new tunes solo ("Cobwebs and Dust" and "The Juggler's Progress") while the guys set up, and then we launch into our current set opener "Killing Time Too Late". This particular Borders has a more open setup than some, and I enjoy hearing our music fill the room unimpeded by tedious walls. Oh hear us people of Borders. We are True Margrit from the land of San Francisco.

Gary & I indulge in a cup of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream after we play. See? It's ice cream.

Department of Best Crowd Feedback at a Borders Books in-store:
" I like that rigatoni--that's what it's called, right? The rigatoni you played on the piano, it's from classical music with the descending line--very nice!"

I truly appreciate this--there really could be no higher compliment than the one that melds music and food together--at last.


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