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True Margrit

Thursday, April 20, 2006

We're OFF (in so many ways)

My dear readers, I write to you from a wee bit past the 45th parallell--in other words, closer to the North Pole than the Equator. Is there any chance we will see the northern lights (a.k.a. aurora borealis) ? If you see them, tell them I love them.Yes, we are in Washington state, and our first tour show is TONIGHT at Cafe Luna on Vashon Island.

So much has happened, where to begin?

The last couple of weeks before leaving San Francisco were most eventful-- True Margrit shot a TV show, I sat in on Amy Meyers' AND Judea Eden's TV sets (all of these for the Comcast show SF SOUND--more on that when it airs). In Absolutely True Sound (my recording studio), Neil Aaron's Cd was mixed and tucked into bed (i.e. completed), and then Gary mastered it in his studio (A Hammer Productions). I did some caffienated phone interviews after a sleepless night and much chocolate, and the tour preparations got as feverish as me ( I have a cold), and Gary & I did a duo gig at Hotel Utah, I wrote a new song about 25 century archeologists digging up our 21st century artifacts, and, well, I hope you get the picture. I think there's a springtime induced, sublimating-procreation-for-creative-enterpise sort of zietgeist in the air--cuz after the Neil Aaron Cd was mastered, Gary & I stopped by Robert Prestons's Get Reel Pro studios and the SF band Griddle were in there madly twiddling knobs into the wee hours, finshing up their latest mixes. YOW!

Gary & I arrived in these northern lands last night. It was a particularly gorgeous drive. The rain (and other icier precipitations) dumping on the west coast abated, and we got the glory and trumpets views of the Sierras with snow and the centerpiece thereof, Mt Shasta, looked like a big volcano theme-cake with white icing.

Yum: cake.

I don't know if I have mentioned this fair readers, but whilst booking this tour I experienced enough real-life coincidences and mistaken identity plot twists to fuel a mystery novel. There were a plethora of musicians named Scott who were --or weren't they?-- going to play on bills with us. There were multiple venues called "Mississippi such and such". And I won't even go into the multiplicity of the use of Amelia in band names I have been encoountering in the NW music scene. And in the past week I have also randomly met two people from my hometown, one of whom went to my high school--LAUREL HIGH SCHOOL!!! ( by the way: MARY OLIVER IS GOD) I feel these kinds of happenstance meetings and serendipitous occurrences only show we are on the right track--not to be superstitious, I LOVE SCIENCE, I am from Oak Ridge, Tennessee after all.

But we did see a jet trail from the road yesterday and it pointed: NORTH


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