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Saturday, April 22, 2006

When bad things happen to good people...

Our good friend, comedian (and occasional True Margrit drummer) Kurt Weitzman was mugged the other night outside his home on 3rd street. The goons roughed him up pretty bad (broke his jaw, amongst other indignities), despite the fact that the man has nothing worth stealing (except his jokes...)

Kurt is home and healing and in pretty good spirits ("My jaw hurts and soft food sucks but I will soon be as handsome as ever!"), but like many artists living on the line has little in the way of health insurance- so it's been decided that this May 3rd edition of Kurt's show, Comedy Noir at Studio Z, will be the first of a few benefits. (Click on the flyer to the left to see the lineup for this show.) I know much of the cast, and it should be a REALLY funny night. I urge you to come out, have a good time and help out a friend in need.

There will be other benefits as well- a stand-up night at Club DeLuxe is being planned. Stay tuned!


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