...being the observations and navigational extracts
from the ongoing expeditions of San Francisco Piano Pop trio
True Margrit

Friday, November 18, 2005

Specifica TV

The moon is bright over the specific, I mean Pacific, Ocean. We arrive at Channel 26 in Pacifica. There is a flurry of activities--directors, producers, floor managers, sound guys, bustling about their various jobs, are we in ther way? But no! we are the band! We set up for sound check and the monitors are mysteriously shorting out. Ian Butler- our host for the evening- rushes in with a backup amp for the keyboards, but Gary (audio detective extraordinaire) tracks down the problem at the last possible moment, fixes it, and we get the hell off the stage so the show can start shooting. The comedians are HILARIOUS...and then we come on and do our best to fit in with the comedy format--and the crowd obligingly chuckles/ laughs with and at us and all is well in TV LAND, specifically in Pacifica. Then, Andrew and Gary are hungry, (ok I am too) and we end up eating fried squid, shrimp and lobster sauce, and chicken with bok choy at Lee's, and it is good. Specifically.


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