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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Eli for president

My nephew just won the post of 6th grade vice president! In his speech he told the 6th grade classs:

"If you think I am using the office of 6th grade vice-president as a stepping stone to the Whitehouse--you're right!"
He told his class he wants to offer them unity, equailty, and freedom from bullying. And he said that if they had ANY problem at all they could come to him personally and he would bring it up with the school administration "You can rely on Eli". Wow. It does give me hope hope hope!! In just a few years--well, thirty four, we can look for a real leader.

However, right now we hafta contend with (and survive) mad King George and his mom Marie Antoinette...

So, why do I call her that? Did y'all hear what she said about evacuees in the astro dome? Something like--and I paraphrase: " ..the poor are doing pretty well--they didn't have much to begin with..."

How very vile.

That guy on tv
tells a shocked nation
that we should believe
he deserved that vacation

Mr Pres, truth's self evident
please don't come back
let's make it permanent
what you deserve is the sack


Blogger Margrit said...

yes, so true--you gotta fight for your right to accept familial favoritism!!

Tue Sep 27, 01:03:00 PM PDT  

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