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Friday, November 26, 2010

There Was a Lot of Glitter pt 2

As some of you dear readers know, beyond writing tunes for True Margrit, I also score films. Recently, I composed a score for director/writer Scott Boswell's "The Stranger in Us", which has generated quite a buzz here in San Francisco at the Frameline Festival; plus it screened at many festivals around the country, it has won some awards, and garnered great reviews--including in Variety Magazine (wow). In addition to my original score, two True Margrit songs were featured in the film--"Opposite Man" and "Opposite Opposite Man".. Scott and his producer, Cheryl, just negotiated some deals for worldwide DVD distribution of the film, and to add to his other fab special features on the DVD package, he and Sarah Dunham (the director/filmmaker/magician behind our videos: "Opposite Man" and "Syllable" cooked up the plan to include a new music video for "Opposite Opposite Man" with both footage from "The Stranger in Us" and of the band.

There was a bit of a crunch with the deadline, so Andrew flew into town from Tacoma for an extra special weekend. We had a top-secret shoot at an undisclosed location, and all I can tell you is that (as sometime happens in True-Margrit-related activities) there was a lot of glitter. "Opposite Opposite Man" is a pretty intense song, so by the end of the shoot (what with the hypnotic repetition of the tune and the glitter flotsam & jetsam) it appeared that the Horsehead Nebula, the Crab Nebula, and The Tree of Souls were whirling about in our heads. Whoa, dude.

Here's a silly document of the glitter cleanup after the shoot--if you look closely at the street, you can see the glitter swirl when we shake the dropcloth.

The above shoot was in September--now it's almost December and we will unveil the "Opposite Opposite Man" video in a few days on youtube--and there will be a premier-screening in San Francisco, as well. So, stay tuned.


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