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True Margrit

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Seattle Two Ways

Monday, July 26th
Many hours of sleep roll by in technicolor REM for me. AWESOME! I feel revivified. In the morning I work out whilst Andrew is just working.

We all head up to Seattle on this gigless night. Andrew & Heather meet a cousin of Andrew’s for a fancy seafood meal. Gary chills in the park meditatively overlooking the Pacific, then chows down on fancy seafood at a different eaterie. I wander about meditatively, drink free tea samples, wander more, and finally eat fancy seafood at yet another restaurant. We re-convene for tasty beers and a highly elevated & rarified salami platter at Pike Brewing Company ( since our seafood dinners, fanciness notwithstanding, were on the light side).

We head back to Tacoma where we all listen nostalgically to selections from 90125 and Big Generator by Yes, to which Heather & I do some moving interpretive dance. Needless to say there’s not a dry eye by the end of the night.

Tuesday, July 27th
Back up to Seattle we go—this time we shall rock. We get to the (Jewelbox Theatre) and find that it is ever-so cute. It is a bar/restaurant/theatre all at the same time--which is no small feat--and we get to play on their wee stage in the theatre area. Deborah Page Band
(for which, in an instance of music-scene-incest/ cross-pollination, Andrew plays drums) sets up first. They coat the stage with Deborah’s tunes, swirling lights, lasers, fog synths, e-bowing, and mega atmosphere –sweet! Then True Margrit hurtles through space balancing precariously on a sassy stack of songs—zoom! Finally, the evening is topped off with the athletic, honeyed, mellifluous voice & piano of Katrina Litz accompanied by her sparkling drummer’s finger-snapping grooves—wow! And I say again, wow.

We go back to Tacoma with rock in our veins and hunger in our bellies. And we snack upon arrival, 2:30 am though it is. Yum.


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