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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Marc Time Flies

Sunday, August 1
The guys retrieve me from Brad’s at the crack of 10:30 and we hasten to KWVA where we are to appear in an interview on the Sunday Morning Hangover with Marc Time. He has requested that we bring some rarities, so we share some instrumental versions of songs from THE JUGGLER'S PROGRESS, some outtakes from Seaworthy, and some of my demos of new songs. Marc is an excellent, entertaining, quick-witted radio personality. He asks us interesting questions and makes us feel welcome…well most of the time-- he does start to snore with comical loudness into his mic when I go off on a  ( perhaps dull) description of  using a whole–tone scale in one of the rare tracks we play, “Desperate and Dumb”. Damn, dude! How rude…and I admit—hilarious! And useful--for the rest of the tour, we use this snoring technique on each other to curtail overly-lengthy diatribes, explanations, and lectures any member of True Margrit may try to bore ourselves with.

After the show we meet Brad at Studio One Café for a spectonkular brunch. Yum. Best French toast. Ever. And a damned good Benedict. And now, somehow, it’s almost 3pm—DAMN! We gotta jet! We get on Highway 5 and point vehicles toward San Francisco…and two full days break from the tour, but I know this time will fly.

Mark my words.


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