...being the observations and navigational extracts
from the ongoing expeditions of San Francisco Piano Pop trio
True Margrit

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Our Dome Away From Home

Wednesday night. Milton, WA. Rain drizzles. True Margrit drives up to the CEDARWOOD DOME. It is duly noted by the band that it is, yes it really is a dome--quite large, really, in the geodesic persuasion. It is painted flat white and not garishly festooned with neon or other unnecessary architectural accessories. Outlandish yet matter of fact--there it stands, as if to say by its very presence: "but of course Milton has a large geodesic dome/nightclub. Of course".

Inside on the ground floor, an enthusiastic and somewhat inebriated Wii bowling tournament is underway. The members of True Margrit carry their gear up the left-hand staircase that is (naturally) curved--following the dome's circular outlines. The stage is most commodious with enough room for an 8-piece band, and dancers, and horn section..the True Margrit trio will have to make do with spreading out in a rock chevron formation. There is an area projected straight out in the middle of the stage for the lead singer to loom above the audience. This spot is considerately equipped with a silver pole--just in case there will be a stripper...or other gymnastics displays?

It is surpisingly smokey in The Cedarwood Dome (the members of True Margrit haven't played in a smoking club in a long while but it brings back memories of even smokier venues) and there is even a smoking section in the balcony that is a kind of groovy hookah lounge.

The first band plays--Eat Mary is their name. They have a jam-band-meets- Janis Joplin-for-jello-shots aura.

True Margrit plays. There are drunken moves being busted on the checkered dance floor. The final set-closing tune is robustly celebrated with hoots and hollers from the patrons on the floor, the hookah lounge, and the loge.

One of the most effusive hooters is Steve who approaches Margrit and promptly begins lauding her with great approbation. It comes out in the ensuing conversation that he is:
1) from Tennesse ( near Cookeville)
2) a trucker here with his friend, Dave who is also a trucker from near Cookeville
3) he is none other than the winner of the downstairs bowling tournament. And
4) he emphasizes the point that his excitement to have won the Wii is surpassed--by far--with the thrill of discovering True Margrit.

He asserts:"Y'all could be the next Nirvana--I can't wait to see y'all go PLATINUM!"

This is very delightful to Margrit. After all, she grew up in Tennesse.

The International Man of Mystery, LEVI LYON--the promoter-- puts the icing on the cake after True Margrit's set by announcing to the crowd: "Go catch True Margrit at Bob's Java Jive next Thursday--cuz they won't be playing these small clubs for long!"

The True Margrit trio is pleased! This is truly their dome away from home.