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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not for the Faint of Heart

BOB's JAVA JIVE is a gloriously and truly funky dive located in an industrial section of Tacoma, WA, known as Nalley Valley. Roman Meal bread has its headquarters there, as well as Nalley Valley Chili. Uh...yum?.... or yuck? I've had Roman Meal bread--it's pretty good toasted with butter ( what isn't good with butter?). I have not had Nalley Chili...

Anyhoo, if you click on the above link you can see that Bob's is shaped like a coffee pot. We hope to play in every drinking and cooking vessel available in nightclub design--it's a goal. Help us achieve it, my fair readers. Send us info on other clubs built in the shape of .... spatulas ( spatulae?)? Bowls? Pots? Pans? Decanters? Micro-planers? Bongs? Or?

The interior decor of Bob's Java Jive is a study in all-welcoming diversity-- really quite festive in a madcap sort of way-- with slightly limp paper stars and dollar bills pasted on the low ceiling by the bar--not to mention a hamburger lamp, a teddy-bear lamp and a myriad of other shiny kitsch pseudo-talismanic objects. The backroom, where the music happens, boasts nautical and mountain-themed murals, an abundance of resplendent x-mas lights, and naugahyde banquettes. You can almost hear a sassy waitperson offering you fries with your rock. (They do actually serve burgers & fries...Andrew had some.)

Some of our friends' friends' friends came in and walked right back out--they looked kind of freaked out. Perhaps it was their first time in a real-life dive? We won't hazard a guess about what motivated their hasty departure. Faintness of heart.

So, the ever-amazing Press on Randy opened the night up with an excellent set of his sweet, wry, poppy, arty tunes. We then heaved our gear up on stage and blasted-off through our set into which we poured all available rockfuel (I mean, "rock it"
fuel). It felt good. Included in the set were a particularly vicious version of "True" ( from SEAWORTHY) and possibly our best live version of "Opposite Opposite Man". If you split the dive, friends, you miss out.

Our friends from the CEDARWOOD DOME--EAT MARY-- closed the night with their garage-band-meets-Janis Joplin stylings. They put the RAW in RAWK.

After the show it became apparent that when we loaded in at the back of the venue (where it was very dark), I had trod in poo. Bummer. As soon as we got home much washing of despoiled items ensued. Not for the faint of heart, indeed.

But the night wasn't over yet...


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