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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feeling Luckey

Saturday, February 13th
Andrew sleeps about 12 hours, but his voice still sounds like gravel pouring through a didgeridoo. We go out for brunch while he hunkers down for an additional nap. Poor sickly thing.

Gary & I eat at Bread & Ink Cafe with my brother, Dan. It is quite delish--I do recommend it! After our meal we say our goodbyes to my bro & go south on Highway 5 toward Eugene, where our next rock destination awaits.

We load in at Luckey's Club around 9:00 pm. We are jovially met by old friends--my roommate of yore, Brad Erichsen (who works at Luckey's!), and Andrew's fab friend from his Berklee School of music days, Andrea! This lifts the old spirits right on up, to say the least.

It is the birthday of the booker for Luckey's --the velvet-voiced, SAM HAHN. He plays an excellent set to open the night (including but not limited to covers by both Elvis Costello & Jim Croce--now, that's a rare juxtaposition). We pop up onstage & do our set after him, and then the Eugene act, Just People start in on their own songlist

Whilst being plied with many beers and shots by Brad and his co-workers behind the bar, we receive glowing compliments from Eugenians in the bar, behind the bar, over & under the tables. The praise and the alcohol go right to our heads and the room spins a bit, lights gleam, colors swirl, faces smile. Let's toast the last club date of this winter 2010 tour! Cheers! Another round?...well...

All nights wind up & so eventually we load up the vehicles, and drive towards our hosts' abode. Andrew's voice is so low & scratchy he is doing Yoda quotes from
THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. We are obsessed with the scene when Luke says: "I'm not
afraid." and Yoda says, "You will be. You will be". Andrew's voice sounds perfect for this line and we laugh maniacally. Somehow, the line morphs into, "You furby. You furby" which makes us laugh even harder. I picture a furby toy...and they kind of look like Yoda with fur, don't they... well, it is very very late.

We get in about 3:30am & we all have a piece of buttered toast. Yum. But now we have about 6 hours before we need to depart for the radio station for the final event on the tour. Oooof.


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