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Monday, October 13, 2008

sundried sundries

I have neglected you, dear readers. I have so many notable occurrences to relate to you! For example, at our last full band gig (@EL RIO sept 19), we played 11 tunes, rocked the house, had a jolly good time, and when I came off stage I realized I had played the whole set with an open fly. Ooops. Then, in early oct I did two solo sets, one at Bazaar Cafe in SF with the fabulous Monica Pasqual, and one at On the Corner ( also in SF) with the sublime Dianne Nola. At both gigs I found myself in the mood to trot out old underplayed tunes, brand-new tunes ( including but not limited to the newly finished, UNRELIABLE NARRATOR), and also faves that often appear in our current sets, like SYLLABLE.

Speaking of SYLLABLE, it happens to be one of the tunes (among eleven other songs) that I sang in last week's vocalizing recording session marathon ( Tues--thurs: 19 hours of singing in 3 days, dude) for our forthcoming CD, JUGGLER's PROGRESS. OOOOOh, it 's on the way sweeties. Hold on to your larynxes.

On Saturday, I got to trot out even more tunes playing my heart /hands out on a super nice Yamaha baby grand piano for a wedding reception in a lovely hotel lobby in SF. The ceremony was in the evening out in the Art Deco courtyard by a fancy tiled fountain. It was officiated by Mark Leno ( WOW and a fine fine job he did--there wasn't a dry eye on the ballot). The blushing brides were radiant, all the guests were friendly, and a good time and much wine was had by all--a total joy. Alas, I fear that Proposition 8 is going to pass, and this would be a bad move, because a wedding such as this one, between two humans who clearly belong together, will only be possible for those folks who happen to be opposite in gender. That seems so arbitrary. But then, perhaps the uncertainty gave us all the more reason to be sure to celebrate-- as we did at full-tilt on Saturday. The guests grew merry from spirits, I met lots of friends & family of the brides who walked over to the piano to say hey, kindhearted souls kept re-filling my wineglass while I plunked gamely away at the keys. Eventually the guests took their leave of the newlyweds. Towards the ( not so bitter) end, I became a bit inebriated, as a bottomless glass of wine inevitably will tend to make one get, & I started violating the concept of "background music" & began singing, and ultimately I ended up at a wee after-party at my friend's, the maid of honor-- Kat Downs nearby apartment- chilling out & regaling our compatriots with tales of SPARROWS POINT & sipping a medecine-y liqueur until the night just had to end. I trundled home on the 49 bus, tipsy, mildly bilious, clutching two leftover bottles of wine, and full of toasts to love & goodwill to all humans.

PS Apropos of nothin, Tina Fey is a goddess--you betcha.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Margrit we missed you at AES. I was looking forward to telling you that I bought your CD and enjoy it. So, this will have to do!

Bob Crowley

Fri Oct 31, 03:09:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Margrit said...

Thanks Bob!!!

Thu Nov 13, 11:32:00 PM PST  

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