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Monday, September 15, 2008

I LOVE WALL.E Redux & Other Scenes

Have y'all seen WALL.E yet? He won't be in theatres much longer-- you gotta catch it on the BIG screen when the Milky Way reflects in Wall-E's "eyes". I had to go one last time (ok, 8th time but who's counting) cuz Alex hadn't seen it yet. Once again I chuckled, teared up, and tapped my toe to the AWESOME score by Thomas Newman. Wall-E is destined to be a classic of pop culture, with its wicked satire of consumerism delivered without one poisonous/ tedious grain of mean-spiritedness ( I'm not pointing any fingers APATOW), its clever sci fi & silent film references, its robot romance for the ages--yes it's all that, AND it also, surreally enough, features songs from "Hello Dolly". Wow.

This week I also saw Alicia Dattner's show, PUNCHLINE, at the SF Fringe Festival ( I wrote a couple of songs w/ her for the show!!) She was grand! AND! The fab KAT DOWNS wrote & performed excellent music for the play The Widow West, which Sarah & I caught on Friday! That would have been enough ( dayanu) AND YET! I also made it back to the Fringe Fest for Carrie Baum's opus, EXIT SIGN: a ROCK OPERA!! WHOA! What a week--I feel real theatricalized. And very inspired to get back to work on my very own musical/ rock opera: GLAMPYRE on the Bounty!!!! More on that, believe me...

Last but not least: I've ( virtually) this moment finished composing the score for the documentaryLADY TROJANS. I'm very proud to be part of this film project --more soon on when/ where it plays at festivals!!!

OK bye.


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