...being the observations and navigational extracts
from the ongoing expeditions of San Francisco Piano Pop trio
True Margrit

Friday, September 19, 2008


Wow. A few weeks ago I was on BART and I saw some world news capsule stories in the SF Chronicle with a wee piece about NATO bringing more ships into the waters nearest to the Russian/ Georgian conflict ( that would be the Black Sea, right?). Asked to comment on this enlarged western presence, Putin assured journalists there would be a response. When pressed for specifics he said: "you'll see". Wow--that's so, "mwaahahahahahahahahha". & Surreal. And it would be hilarious-- if it weren't so disturbing, somehow...

In other cartoon villain news, I am here to point out that if you mash McCain & Palin's names together you can spell: "Pain". If you need reasons not to vote for them (???!) that's one ---if the other more compelling arguments against them, like their lies, ineptitude, and atrocious voting records aren't deterrent enough.

I saw a pigeon in a puddle outside the pool where I swim laps---hmmm. If only I were smaller I could swim for free.