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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cabin Fever

In some circles, this could be construed as a dull day.

I have to cancel all activities out of the house and stay home and recuperate more, and also try not to work work work. So, I read a bit of Dickens, talk to my Mom, and drink tea. Then I check our sales rank on Amazon a wee bit: that is, many times an hour. All the kids are checking--go on, go on! This is a toe-tapping, rip-snorting, rollercoastering good time--REALLY! We moved 74,000 points closer to #1 and then 5,000 away--all this afternoon. Phew! I need a cigarillo. (Not that I am obsessing on our sales rank or anything). This is more fun than cleaning up that cat vomit, or calling in the refill on a precscription, but not as fun as heating/ eating up matzo ball soup click here for the ancient neo-Tennessee/Califorinia/Hebraic recipe.

Yes, I am still coughing and sniffling, therefore-- a flight of fancy:

Phlegmatic fastidiousness and fustian flattery
foreshadow a faux-pas in finesse

For febrile fowl foisting feathers
Fleece is fine fake fur

& if you have the flu too--stay warm.


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