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True Margrit

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Rock is Thicker than Blood

BY the time we get to Dolores Park Cafe (an hour before showtime) all the tables are filledwith expectant faces except in the back behind the kitchen (or in the basement which isn't really a place to hang--unless you are a keg of beer or a broken mic-stand). There are already folk milling about with their lattes & wine in hand but with no seats, looking as eager as I feel to get music underway. This contingent is growing steadily.

Pam & Jeri deliver a slow-burn set that erupts perfectly in to flame by the end and evokes thunder from the skies. There is then some confusion "onstage" (the designated wee plot of cafe floor where the jamming occurs) as we switch over to the setup for Amy's set. Amy leads us through a particularly rocking set of her tunes (and a cover of "we are family" to which the crowd sings along boisterously). We shuffle the gear around yet again (for the True Margrit set) generating even more confusion. I keep turning up my keys on the PA and Amy accidentally keeps turning the same channel down thinking it is the channel Gary asked her to cut. Due to this mistaken identity, when we launch into "Hours in Reverse (Deja-Vu)", there is no audible piano in the mix and we grind to a halt. But the issue is easily & swiftly remedied, and we presently get down to the business at hand of rocking. IN this packed room of smiling faces singing along, and old friends, and new friends and people out on the street moshing to "True" I am sure I am at the best party in town. After our set I try to scoot my keyboard (still hooked up) off to the side so I can join the Judea Eden band on a few tunes but there is not enough real estate. No room at the Inn. I am sad as I tear down my gear. But it means I can now party with the crowd during Judeas's fabulous, feisty, and fun set. My work here is done.

Later on at home I notice I have acquired new bruises and cuts from various keyboard-related activities. This is just because of all the rock. Blood-- it's a small price to pay for rock.


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