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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Gibbous Songwriter

'Tis a day of rain and sun alternating, power breakfasts, rehearsals, sessions, spasmodic songwriting bouts, a gibbous moon, and many snacks of QUORN.

& What is QUORN ? Well you might ask!! A wonder food to which Christina Kowalchuk has introduced us. She has a cool new website: check this out!

Now back to Quorn. It is high protein and delish and non-soy (although I LOVE SOY . LOVE LOVELOVE) I made a mushroom stuffing to eat with QUORN. And it was good. BUT WHAT IS IT???!?!?! I don't rightly know. I do know the QUORN purveyors call it a "mycoprotein" which sounds like it's a fungus and it means it's a cultured type of foodstuff such as yogurt, cheese, or opera patrons.

After a dinner of Quorn, Gary & I drive to a rehearsal with Chris McGrew who is filling in for ANDREW on Friday night's gig. (Chris is in GRIDDLE). We revisit some tunes and have a jolly good time. On the way home we see a very big gibbous moon. I comment, "It looks like an eyepatch" (thinking of pirates,,,albino ones...)

and Gary says, "Someone is sleepy".

Well, well. Maybe that's true... or maybe I am in a gibbous phase, neither waxing nor waning (like the moon or a glass of water--neither halfway nor full...). At any rate, I may need more quorn when I get home.

I tell Gary about The Bookish Gardener who, in her fabulous blog, has listed SEAWORTHY amongst her CAR TUNES !!!

It is grand indeed to picture SEAWORTHY as a soundtrack promoting vitality within vehicles whisking about towns of this great land on important errands, or fun, or playing on IPODS, or radios, and being relished for it the way I like QUORN, for if music is a sustenance--play on!


Blogger Teague said...

Interesting. Allow me to tell you what exactly brought me, somebody who had never heard nor seen the word "Margrit" ten minutes ago, to posting in this blog as a result of your music.

A few minutes ago I had gone back to my old standby for finding good new music, Pandora.com, looking for a really enjoyable new group to spread around among my friends. I am, as is one in every network of individuals, The Guy Who Finds Awesome Bands.

(If only they knew my secret.)

(I'll never tell.)

(Parenthesis are awesome.)

(Use of parenthesis is like cruise control for cool.)

I was going through the list of bands that rang similar to Zero 7, none of them showed a lot of promise, save for one song called Hours in Reverse. I docked it away to memory, kepy searching, and decided to focus on the group "True Margrit" for a few moments. Checked out Amazon.com, listened to the samples, found some really promising stuff. Decided to keep searching around for more information, mostly, a website I could buy the CD from or at least a link to a retailer near me that would carry it.

Oddly enough, and this might be news to you, all of the websites that seemed to be the most official were down, so I was unable to just...you know, snag the home page. Kept paging through links until I found this blog.

Being a fan of blogs, especially blogspot ones, (gotta recka'gnize the platform that got my blogging history started) I checked it out. How none of your posts have comments is beyond me, because I'd at least expect a few dozen "omg u guys rock" replies now and then, if not intelligent responses to your writings (or long diatribes about what brings various people from the depths of obscurity to this link).

Alas, it seems I am doomed to be the only person this fine eve to find you guys, which is a shame, really. Your music is definitely going on my list of "CAR TUNES!!!", and if I find the right couple of singles from the album, probably the list of "CAR TUNES!!!" of everyone who rides in my car and hears it, as well.

Anyway, there's what I gots. I wouldn't have said anything, but seriously, your comment section needed some love.

Teague Chrystie

Thu Jan 19, 02:31:00 AM PST  
Blogger Margrit said...

Hi Teague (FIG)!

Thanks so much for bestowing your epic ruminations/thoughts/ love to our comments section --I love all that good stuff in equal measure! And so few folk have held forth here in this venue in such a fulsome fashion. Yay you!


Huzzah for Pandora, eh?! Now I must check out Zero 7, right?!


I am EXTRA pleased to be a featured band in YOUR car tunes. It's an honor and a pleasure having our tunes playing plaing playing getting stuck in your head, hee heehee ho ho ho.....ha ah ahahahahslkdjflkpgojnlg;sdlg;slmdg;smgbdgibsjyyyppypypjhihd&!!!

ok I am alright now

hmmmmm.... I wonder what was up with our site being down--do you mean truemargrit.com? Maybe some virtual-elves were laboring over it cobbling new 24-bit-soles for our chip- shoes or some other cyber-repair...
But seriously, the site will be updated in the next month (or so) and fancified, edified, etcetera. Other places to at least find the CD if the site is not holding forth and giving enough entertainment value in & of itself: (amazon cbdaby of course) cduniverse or at actual stores!! yes for real! Tower records or Borders(etc etc etc and SO ON!!!!!!) I will post a list about that soon.

well, I must go--I am still Flu Margrit--need some hot tea



ps--have you tried QUORN?

Thu Jan 19, 09:54:00 PM PST  

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