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Sunday, January 01, 2006

A very personal New Years greeting from Gary

Had New Year's quietly at home this year (lots of prep to do for tomorrow's New Year's Day brunch, and didn't want to get injuriously drunk) which, instead of twirling a noisemaker, yelling "Happy New Year" to a few friends (and a lot of strangers) and wearing a funny hat, led to the first introspection regarding the outgoing year that I've allowed myself.

As I got the good view of the Wharf's midnight fireworks from my rooftop in the Mission, my first thoughts were for speedy recoveries for family members and friends that are suffering, so they can enjoy the new year with us. (I'll see you in a week, Dad.)

Then thoughts and thanks for all the friends who made 2005 not just bearable, but truly enjoyable and in many ways a watershed year for me artistically. A special shout out, of course, to my friends and bandmates in True Margrit: Margrit, of course, who keeps me interested, and Andrew, who keeps me on my toes; together, we guided and completed Seaworthy, of which we are (I believe) justifiably proud, and for which we had the dream launch gig in November. Also the Griddle boys, Kevin, Kimo, Xifer and Ringo; Turning Violet, when it came to completion in February, was comparable in my mind to the best mixing work I had done since 1990's Out And About with the Gone Jackals. (It certainly helps when the band gives you great material to start with!) Speaking of the Jackals, their successors The Bonedrivers' album, Roadhouse Manifesto, is near completion as well, and will turn many a roots rocker's head; Sally and I also finished The Hard Way, the new CD from Vicious Fish, and we look forward to bringing it to you live in 2006.

Add to these many interesting mastering projects, new (CarneyBallJohnson, Terry Adams & Marshall Allen, Renee Padgett, many others) and old ("lost" albums from Plainsong and Judee Sill, the Flamin' Groovies Sire Records catalog, The Rezillos' Can't Stand The Rezillos- one of my favorite records from the Punk era)- a fairly banner year!

I drank a further toast of 15 year old MacAllen single malt to friends who left San Francisco for points east, north and south, to ply their wares and expand their life experiences; my funny hat is off to you. I miss you dearly and my thoughts are always with you.

As the (pretty darn good) fireworks finished, I thought about the potential for 2006. Personally, I am looking up a bit more often these days; the slate is clean, and there's no better time to make the most of it.

One final thought: let's not forget that 2006 is a congressional election year. Don't let recent minor concessions by that lying, smirking, contemptible power drunk shitbag and his cohorts (made only because 2006 is an election year) make us complacent; we need to turn over every possible seat in the House so we can force checks and balances and oversight back into our government and take back our country.

My personal best wishes for everybody that 2006 brings success, happiness, peace and love.

And a brand new funny hat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice, G! A happy new year to you and the Margrit crew. I miss you all and at least part of my heart was left in San Francisco.

Mon Jan 02, 02:58:00 PM PST  

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