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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quantum Mechanics, Marmalade, and Steroids

Have you missed me dear readers? Hell's bells, I've missed YOU. I know it was a long hiatus. I wanted to leave a respectful margin after the milestone of the release of TRUE GRIT. Fear not, the time has been well spent! I have been writing songs rather than blogs--a process whose end result will be available for your delectation by and by (once we record said tunes and make them available to you the listener via a myriad of venues: download for sure, or affixed to disc, or maybe vinyl, or maybe wax cylinder; so much is possible and the future is perfect until proven disastrous.

Speaking of spatial-temporal matters, I have been reading about quantum mechanics and string theory and hyperspace. I'm no physicist (though I come from a short line of short physicists, of course), but I find it very intriguing nonetheless, and have found it to be fertile fodder for metaphors. I like the idea of multi-dimensional/ alternate universes, and the idea that the possibility of time travel is implied by higher maths and geometries. Y'all will hear some of this percolating into the songs (again--I know, for, to those listeners who have pored over SEAWORTHY and THE JUGGLER's PROGRESS it's one of the theme threads I like, and which I am excited to once again weave into the as-yet-untitled new album which will complete some sort of pop-music triptych. And which may, who knows, one day spin off into a theatricalized version of the entire grand rock opera. Or not.) Anyhoo. You'll see. And the best of all the five senses (where music is involved, you'll hear.

Upcoming Shows Department
With the writing chugging along, and the first set of recording sessions for the new album on the horizon, we are also easing back into some gigging. First up I'll be playing an acoustic, (mostly) solo show (Gary will join in on some tunes) at Bazaar Cafe in SF on Tuesday June 7th. This event is part of the fab Kate Kilbane's June residency at Bazaar ( speaking of rock operas, she has a TOTAL doozy, the astonishing Medea Cycle). And if this weren't enough, Kevin and Xifer from GRIDDLEhave aduo called STOVE and they are playing too. I say: Oooh.

Furthermore: please save the date of JULY 31st at the time of 6pm-9pm for we will be playing at BOTTOM of the HILL again with the above-mentioned Kate Kilbane and her band the cellar doors... AND, wait for it....DEBORA IYALL ( of Romeo Void fame)!!!! It is my birthday show, so your presence (but no presents) are requested!

Department of Delicious

Top Three Snacks Eaten in the Past Week:
3) Proper English scones with butter and Fortnum and Mason Dark Lime Marmalade. It's marmalade from a fancy-ass store in London. And if you don't eat wheat or butter, I'm sorry. Just sorry.
2) Greek Yogurt with apple and flax seeds. I'm obsessed with this and if a day goes by without it, that, my friends, is a day wasted.
1) Lavash grilled chicken sandwich from Progressive Grounds Cafe in Bernal Heights in SF. Why is it so good? Chicken, mozzarella cheese, hummus, zucchini, glazed onion, and tarragon. It's WAY more than the sum of its parts--even though it has a lot of parts.

Department of Afflictions
Meanwhile, we went on a hike in the redwoods for Sarah's birthday (at Sam McDonald Park), I contracted a case of poison oak (well, a case of contact dermatitis from encountering poison oak). This is the third spring in a row this has happened--I guess it's particularly juicy and potent in the spring. And I'm, apparently, particularly susceptible. It starts in one spot and then goes creeping all over my skin, so the doctor prescribes a few weeks of prednisone--a strong steroid for those who aren't familiar. It makes my mind race about, and makes me tend to stay up even later than usual, reading books or writing lyrics (and I snack even more voraciously than usual with those notorious steroid munchies). And maybe I get a little 'roid rage...y'know, just a little grouchy.

I will try to keep a cool objective scientific head about the whole experience. Maybe in the wee hours I will have an insight into quantum theory or I'll envision clearly images of vast expanses of the cosmos heretofore unavailable to my brain. And find that perfect line for a tune. Better living through chemicals. Or maybe I will just eat a scone & think of England.

Department of Non-motorized Vehicles
I have learned to ride a bike! And I love it so very much. I am learning the best bike routes around the Mission--I rode to and shopped at Rainbow Grocery a few days ago. The next big expedition will be to ride up to Golden Gate Park via THE WIGGLE. What is The Wiggle? It's a bike route from the Mission to Golden Gate that cleverly AVOIDS HILLS using geographical and topographical forethought. Perhaps if I study enough quantumn theory I can design a wiggle route to make time and space compress and it will be instantly be the day of our next gig.

Cuz I can't wait to see y'all.


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