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from the ongoing expeditions of San Francisco Piano Pop trio
True Margrit

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Prelude to the Summer 2010 Multi-tasking "Healthy" Birthday Tour

Tuesday, July 20th
I'm in the locker room at my gym extracting my swimming gear from my backpack. Bathing suit. Check. Goggles. Check. Earplugs. Check. Bathing cap. Check. Thinking: yeah, cool, I'm fitting in one more trip to the pool before our tour.

Gary calls. He says:
"UH--I really need another day--how do you feel about leaving Thursday instead of tomorrow?"

I say:
"I'm cool with that--no worries, man".

He says:
"Great. Hey-I'm really going to make an effort to eat healthfully on this trip. I'm bringing some bananas and apples, and carrots for the car."

I say:
"Absolutely! Me too! Texas was CRAZY! The way we ate. I'll be bringing some veggies and such!"

I swim. I make a trip to Rainbow Grocery for the proscribed healthful snacks to eat in the car. I dawdle on the way home. At home finally. Answer emails, laundry into the washer, play some piano. After all, I now have a whole other day to pack. The afternoon wears on. Sarah & I walk up to Bernal Hill for sushi dinner at Moki's. Then we watch a dvd, and then it's late. Oops I didn't pack. But I assure myself I will pack in the afternoon, and so planning I drift off to slumberland.

Wednesday, July 21st
Laundry into the dryer. Working out at the circuit gym. Playing a lot of piano. Then, it's 6pm...oops. I haven't packed. Sarah & I go to Pomelo for dinner since I was too busy playing the piano (and ostensibly packing) to cook. We return home. Then it's 10:30. Oops. Better pack. I pack.

Thursday, July 22nd
Oops it's 2:30 am. Shit. I sleep. I arise at the obscene hour of 6:30 am. Gary arrives at 7:30. We pack up the car & set out.

I say:
"Have you had breakfast?"

He says:

I say:
"Is Dynamo Donuts open?"

He says:
"Uh oh." Because once they are invoked, the Dynamo Donuts must be eaten. And they are ever so good. I have a Fleur de Sel Caramel. Gary has a Bacon Apple. Oh lord. We head north.

We pass Mt. Shasta in the noonish time. We are growing hungry, donuts notwithstanding. It has been four hours since Dynamo, after all. We stop in Weed, CA for some chef salads (very very good for us). Gary's friend, Sylvia Massey, owner & chief engineer of the AMAZING Radiostar Studios, drops by to say hey while we lunch. But soon enough she has to return to her session and we are once again zipping up the 5.

Our next celebrity meal is in Eugene, OR with Marc Time and Barb at Noodle House. Then on to Portland we go. We arrive at my brother's house at 9:30pm, delivered right into the bosom of my fabulous family. My brother, Dan, his wife, Karen, my mom, Sonya, my sister, (another celebrity) Mim Eichler Rivas, and my nephew (another celebrity) Elan Eichler are ALL here!! YAY! I LOVE Y'ALL!!

So this is the deal--this is the multi-tasking tour, and tomorrow I will:
1) go to the wedding rehearsal ( I'm playing a bit o' piano for my cousin Brook Geffen's Wedding)


2) play a gig with TRUE MARGRIT