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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What's Next?

Well, I know I keep saying, " we're almost there, we're almost there". But now it's really upon us. The final tweaks to the mixes on our new album, THE JUGGLER's PROGRESS are happening in the next few upcoming days.

...and then... you might ask, what's next?

Well. Mastering. An important step in the recording process. Then the master gets sent to a replication plant and we duplicate it in glorious multiplicity of high fidelity and it is good, because mass-production is the goal of all artists...

Hmmmmm....or is it? Well.

I've been thinking about the Great Eastern Garbage Patch. Yes, that area in the Pacific wherein swirls an island of plastic the size of two Texases. I read articles about JUNK RAFT and PLASTIKI -- two expeditions made by craft composed entirely of trash that will travel through the Pacific to the Patch and then to Hawaii. Junk Raft's trip actually already happened but Plastiki is yet to depart ( trouble with the plastic bottle pontoons?) ROZ SAVAGE is also madly rowing about the world's tainted oceans. The goal of all these voyages is to raise awareness about the insane levels of plastic in our beleaguered seas.

Landfill? Trash from shippinglanes? Where does it go? On a large scale it's trapped by the North Pacific Gyre ( a current). It hangs out & congregates & aggregates, and slowly falls to bits, but plastic doesn't decompose, so we get plastic pellets the size of cells and then water that's filled with plastic "plankton" which finds its way into the food chain ( and that's not good, believe me).

Anyhoo. I don't want to add more CDs to the plastic-based landfill debris that floats out to sea!! On the other hand we ARE looking into the greenest possible options for production.

A cd is still the best way to make our music available in a convenient package to those who still like songs strung together in that novel constellation known as an album. And this one is truly an album-- with threads of music and words and concepts and themes that twine throughout. The whole is greater than the sum. I want ya'll to kick back with the artwork & lyrics and listen ( LOUD!)

It's clear that downloads are soon to make CDs ( and the garbage associated with them) obsolete--but we're not quite there yet. So Eastern Garbage Patch notwithstanding, expect a CD ( not just a download) from us in the middle of this already memorable year of 2009.

ps Speaking of green, have y'all see Isabella Rosellini's green porno!!!! Godspeed IR!!


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