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Thursday, April 01, 2010

The 2010 SxSW March into Spring Haiku & BBQ Tour--the novella

Chapter One:
The Road to Hell

March 11th
We all intended to start the tour in a leisurely and sane fashion, so, we agreed to leave no later than 2:00 pm, get up to Sacramento by 4:00--thus beating rush hour, and leaving time for a nice meal--and then we could proceed calmly and resolutely to OLD IRONSIDES in Sacramento, CA for the first gig of the tour. These intentions were dashed. I went off for an 11:00 am "correction haircut" to the previous day's coiffing imbroglio, Andrew discovered a hole in his kickdrum and had to go purchase a new head at Sam Adato's. As for Gary, he had- well it wasn't clear what exactly was going on. He said, "I'll be lucky to make it by 4:00- and giving you an update will only slow me down." Gary Hobish: International Man of Mystery

Thus. It was 5:15 when we left San Francisco, zooming down 3rd Street to get on the Bay Bridge at the 6th Street entrance. Good or bad intentions notwithstanding, we were now, finally on our way, after all the preparations, contacting clubs, poring over maps, hoarding nuts and berries, at last- zoom!

I sent out a wee email reminder/ mailer to our email list, using Andrew's new mobile modem "dongle". We decided we should call the truck the TMMCTCC (The True Margrit Mobile Communications and Technology Command Center). Very catchy...

Somewhere- maybe around Vallejo-- I started writing haikus for the blog. It made sense--short, concise, easy to type in the constricted and wiggly environment in my little nest in the auxiliary seat behind Gary & Andrew. The haikus become a definite thread when we would later unravel--for example whilst getting (temporarily, of course) lost in Texas.

We got to the club in plenty of time, set up our gear, and soon enough we were plowing mightily through our first set of the tour. The Juggler's Progress, Superhero Drugs, 50,000 Names, Emily, Heaven Knows, 500, Years, etc... it felt good! The last time we'd played together was in Eugene, Oregon on February 13th. A month ago- but we weren't really that rusty- just all the more ready to rock. The crowd gave us smiles, headbobbing, and general love, which always improves our sound.

Afterwards we sold a few CDs to the more enthusiastic listeners, drank some beers, and enjoyed excellent sets from The Only Men and THE INVERSIONS.

Then we were very very very hungry. The Only Men's excellent drummer
(and our gracious host for the evening's rest) Kevin Gailey went with us to hunt and gather for dinner. We found a delish Chinese restaurant, chowed down on all manner of hot and sour soup, fried pork, shrimp, beef, and veggies. YUM!

Finally it was 1:30 am... time for the sleeping. We headed to Kevin and his wife Danielle's lovely home in Elk Grove, got ourselves situated, and (some of us) soon drifted off to slumberland

Insomnia #1
Suburbs are quiet
I hear all the clocks ticking
Faint distant traffic

Insomnia #2
Awake three am
I really have to sleep now
Songs are in my head

Insomnia #3
Andrew is snoring
Gary is mad and tired
Sleep is important

Insomnia #4
Gary wakes Andrew
With curses and imploring
Please get your own room

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day of rock...


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